Champion-PTAC Condensate Drain Pellets

As part of our unique design, our Champion Condensate Drain Pellets are introduced into our wall sleeve through our patented Champion PTAC Pellet Delivery System. Located on the bottom right corner of the wall sleeve, we recommend pellets to be applied on a quarterly basis as this will guarantee they dissolve any coagulants that will inevitable overtime clog any AC condensation drain line. By applying the pellets to the Champion-PTAC Wall Sleeve one no longer needs to remove the entire PTAC unit to maintain a clean condensate drain line saving both time and money again in costly maintenance overhead. The unique design of the Champion Condensate Drain Pan and Pellet Delivery System does all the work. All that is necessary is to turn the dial, feed the pellets and just like that all your problems go down the drain. As we like to say here at Champion PTAC “PROBLEM SOLVED”!!!